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People in my tribe (like hearted mystics) use a technique that is very powerful to clear from our bodies (we have 7 according to the ancients but at last count actually have 10) - from lifetimes of debris.

They say the ancients used this to travel dimensionally and many of the space craft visiting now use the Merkaba spinning technique. It is fairly instant.

PLEASE NOTE:  You will be totally safe. Don't worry you won't fly out of your body and end up in a different sphere. We are not advanced enough yet. As our vision changes and we can see infrared....and our temporal lobes are more calibrated to light(truth) and our confidence builds as to the powerful beings we are then we will be able to do this.

Always of course for any meditation of visualization have your Higher Self with you and any other angels or guides you want....their energy adds to the healing this visualization will bring. Since we are dealing with memory here - and memory is magnetic energy - and according to HeartMath....our Heart is 5000 times stronger magnetically than our inviting in your special unseen friends and asking them to lend their heart energy will be so empowering for you. Partnership!

You can use this visualization to free pain or a health issue on any level you want to release from your auric body or just ask your Higher Self - or just trust your body knows what it wants to release. at then end of the meditation most likely you will feel a sigh of relief big time. You can repeat this any time you feel like you have a weight on your shoulders or heaviness in your body.


After you have relaxed and are in your safe place breathing deeply - see yourself sitting in a large chair - like a throne but with no arms.

Visualize your self to the point your body is sensing hearing and seeing light - not with your eyes as t hey are closed. Feel your body recalibrating your senses. Your heart has its own brain. You are in deep relaxation sitting there.

  1. Begin to spin your body horizontally for about ten spins or what feels right to you
  2. Then spin your body vertically for about ten spins or more
  3. The visualize spinning both horizontally and vertically at the same time for about ten spins or until you just feel your body shrugging off debris.  

I use end the meditation by shrugging off - literally shaking my arms and legs and twisting my torso and shoulders.....

We have been using this meditation for about 25 opens your chakra centers of course this meditation is an accompaniment with the normal inner work you are doing. Try it you will like.

Benefits increase temporal lobe activity - reduces amygdala energy and opens the Cave of Brahma in the Brain. Intuition increases as well as a truer sense of perception.

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Hi Adam....all that YOU say I agree with are a rational, mature and wise sensitive person.You use actually the same method I use to determine energy with another...heavy - disingenuous and light coming from ego maturity w/o agenda. But the world would be in a way different shape if we used this when your mortgage lender tells you that you can afford a loan and your ego signs knowing you cannot. We are here to find respect that is justice for all.

I met quite a few on on these pages that have not matured their evaluation - if you  have ever read some of the blogs ....and the place they are coming from is ok...all are learning contrast and are at different levels of respect.

Recently someone contacted me on my friend e-mail here (not the first) at EO freaked out about alien entities and being hacked by them etc. I  have also met people on these pages that are trying to raise kundalini w/o doing much in the way of ego work or making the unconscious and subconscious CONSCIOUS to release the past and this is the trap of the ego.....

As to aliens.....I am an adult indigo as well multiple NDE'r --- highly telepathic and I work with energies from Sirius and Cygnus and Ceres - all just part of my pre-birth covenants....I have met some very prominent people who are considered "world spiritual leaders" who have shamans working with prepare them for contact.

Here I am in their presence speaking in terms that encompasses oneness in ways they do not teach and I have been how can they accept then an "alien" who would talk in even deeper terms? Only if they are a Silver Space Suit? I am part of the advance team who is testing the waters so to speak.....although my evaluation is not needed by is about do I want to work with those who are not walking their talk yet.

Contact is being done and has as you know always....but this is not a Michael Rennie film (1970)...The Day the Earth Stood Still (See it if you can) day you are in a coffee shop and someone sits down and you have a great heart to heart talk about ideals....days later you are in restaurant and they walk in...same scenario. A few days later you are doing laundry and you get the impression to go to a park and they are there. This is how it is being done.

It will be the one who is wearing a stripped shirt with plaid pants...or someone who looks like a cartoon character. This life is about seeing and feeling deeper....and yes we see with our skin and hear with our nose....

I am talking the time to say all of this for a reason.....but also I am leaving the EO pages as a contributor....for a while.....

You might want to check out my parting gift.....check out Steve's blog about the Elements....

If one wants to truly starts with self  and understanding the power of the elements of creation and the Chariot mysteries ....which of course is the merkaba.

I am not taking down my I still want to check in occasionally and read where people are...and certainly if people contact me I will respond. However the folk I was close to at EO have left....and took down their pages.

Blessings to you are one of my favs! The Merkaba is a great tool for this.

Thank you again for turning my attention to PanStarrs.....I Love the energy....and I love you!

Adam had some more insights to breathing....I read that for Pranayama it is said that it is the breathing that unlocks the patterns. With the Merkaba I realize when I spin I am actually holding my breath. Since my focus is on spinning both horizontal and vertical at the same time...I was not noticing breath.....when I did I saw I was the count of ten...automatically (been doing the meditation for 20 years) then inhale hold.

I know that this holding of breath breaks patterns. It also short circuits wiring in the brain that tape loops. I also use a technique where I cut them with my index and middle finger while looking up...when we were little a lot of our attention were to our giants of parents...and looking up especially when being scolded or frightened can freeze the brain...AS OFTEN WE HELD OUR BREATH!! It is the holding of breath that locks in fear and beliefs into the brain and when doing the Merkaba unlocks this by holding the breath.

Just some thoughts - thanks again for all your inputs they have so added to my storehouse of usuable information and been very supportive of work my guidance has directed. Some of your input has opened new levels of interest.

Right now doing a lot of work on the HARA - ....In the Runes it is 8Justice +3 Cosmic Birther =11 Daath/Strength, 4Heart/Emperor+3Cosmic Birther=7 Chariot 7+11+ 18 Intuition or 9 the Source Field. (SOOO much more to the numbers than this....)

If you have any info I would love it. Many Blessings

Hi Swan, 

           I ve been a bit busy lately i 'll get back to u on this one!

 But my advice is that if your used to any count automatically then its fine. But its usually breathe in 6....resent 4 ...breathe out 8 or so!

              And if your using anything to stop the airflow to your brain those are mudras you should study them.....Sunmover posted a good blog and i commented on that...Check it out Swan

     Much Love too you:)

So much happening in my world....(Boston) but I did  read your message. I wondered why I use 10 if 6 is usual to hold my breath. at with this and was directed to the Thrive movie. Knew this was sheer guidance so even though I have watched it five times....I did so again.

Right away Nassim Harimein is talking about the tetrahedron and 64 and of course the merkaba is the tetrahedron so I listened up. I realize I work with the tetraktys (10) that is of course the tetrehedron....I cannot hold my breath to the count of 64... so I do so to ten.

So as I spin all of this is going on to reset be in dominion with the elements - my own Feminine and Masculine nature....and with CHI - Breath....that is infinity....oh of course there is so much more....

Yes....I work with both hand and feet mudras (Sirius origin) but not while doing the spin....the spin of course is the + equal armed cross - which is the star of david and the pentagram....all the symbols for Unity with the elements of creation.

Love SwanRa

Thank you dear Divinity for your kind words. Ego is important. We are here to learn from contrast. We feel better when we make choices from a positive ego and others do too - those around us but also we put this into the morphogenetic resonance.

A negative ego also has impact...not only do these fear choices hurt us but others - also because of our guilt we then create all kinds of dramas around lack of deserving. 

I saw this chain when I had an NDE and it changed my life.

And of course your wisdom is impeccable.....we always have to look into the mirror....and see what the reflection back to us is. But also here we have to use our heart....if we feel light it is inspired....if we feel heavy then there is weight which needs to be lifted.

Our feeling nature is what must be honored....this is the resurrection!

I am thrilled you found an important key to this Merkaba meditation....inner quietness and that wonderful mirror will reflect this on the outer!!!

It also tunes up the brain and helps in uplifiting the mirror neurons in our brain. When we speak to another we can hold this inner quietness and their brains, according to Science, also adopt. (OF course the reverse is true...if we are in a negative fearful place we affect others.)

Love SwanRA


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