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    Ill Mind of Hopsin 5
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    Ballad of a Broken Man
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    Remember Everything
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    Apologies Are for the Weak
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    The Nobodies
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    The Serpentine Offering
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    No Pity for a Coward

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What brings you to Esoteric Online?
I am a student of a many faceted path complex in nature. I had another account under the same name but lost my email to a hacker hence a different one. I found this site exceptionally useful. Please accept me again.
Current Path
Favorite Sacred Sciences
hermetic eclectic wicca of one creator
About Me
I am a seeker of enlightenment and i heard of ur website from my sister known as lillie on ur site. I believe in many things based on personal views and practice
energy control among many things which is among many of the things i do practice and know those to be one of the many things of witch craft. I am seeking knowledge and
have been told this site is a good place to find it. I dont know what form of witch i would be called but i know in my heart by light this is going to be a good
source for more information on my path to enlightenment. My veiw of god is that he or it is not a man that we can see him like one or understand him even in the sense
of the word human.We being spirit are god but the GOD we seek to know is not just masculine or even singular.
It is not a singularity of oneness but a duality of twoness making
GOD both god and goddess both separate and completely one. This being is at the highest level of conciousness and understanding. So high that at this level we can
neither comprehend nor understand them as they do us and we being lesser must honor reveer and learn from them understanding and accepting that by comparison we are
just a chromizone in comparison to stature of power, knowledge, ect. Thus we must listen to them and seek them out following the LIGHT of understanding to raise our
awareness to be able to ascend in conciousness and thus also being. There is a process in the meaphysical world or cosmos that we are part of and born into each life
given a chance to learn and grow further. This is why we communicate to others what we have learned and listen to those who communicate what they have learned. By
the wisdom of others we learn and thus gro which takes me back to why we "worship" or devote ourselves to god and goddes applying their teachings becoming more
powerful and wisdom filled. Christianity like just about every other standing organized religion has takin the knoledge that was given and warped it for greed and
power over thos who know not better and the government which at its highest is also under this control being why certain religions are frowned upon and other highly
respected and accepted. Sorry to keep raving so i'll end it here with hello and this is a little about me.
I find that in nature I lean to exhibit my natural element and sign personality wise. As a seeker of any form of wisdom I not only openly listen but also have something to give in conversation finding that an art all its own as well. In short I am me and you are you. It goes well that we understand this and listen instead try to project on to others.
As to update through my various studies of the past two years I have learned the necessaty of certain sciences such as sacred geometry, dogma is only necessary to convey the whole picture of those greater spiritual truths, and that the base wisdom is the only truth. Dogma is only necessary to a world that doesn't understand it nor can wield it based on this lack of knowledge. It is our responsibility to learn yet even greater the responsibility to safeguard the true indepth power of said teachings.
Astrological Sign
Favorite Books
solitary practitionar by scott cuningham, book of enoch, and the emerald tablets of thoth by hermes trismegistus, Mystikal qabalah by dion fortune, sacred magic of abrameline, ascension magick by Christopher poulini, a course in miracles, and kybalion by the three initiates.

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